news-thumb Jan 27, 2013

At the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland, a handful of American health insurance companies publicized their strategies and views of the future of the American healthcare system. CIGNA CEO David Cordani stated “Insurance is necessary but no longer sufficient, because insurance is the financing of sickness or the financing of disability.” In regard to CIGNA’s accountable care arrangements, Cordani called them the “biggest ¬†innovations” the company has developed recently. “We want to pay the highest performing physicians more, and the lower performing physicians less, like every other industry would do.” Mark Bertolini Aetna CEO predicted that the US Health insurance market is shifting to a consumer-centric model. “For the last five years, employers have passed off 50% of the increasing healthcare costs to their employees. Very slowly, but surely, employees are picking up a larger and larger portion of their healthcare… So even if there is employer-sponsored insurance, individuals will be shopping. They will be looking for the best deal, so we’ll have a consumer marketplace regardless.” Healthcare Payer News, January 24, 2013