images-6 Mar 17, 2019

Primary PartnerCare ACO Independent Practice Association, Inc. (“Primary PartnerCare ACO”), a 100+ primary care physician accountable care organization participating in the Medicare Shared Savings Program, and Healthix, the country’s largest public Health Information Exchange (HIE), today announced compelling results demonstrating the value of healthcare data sharing in improving the quality of care and outcomes for Medicare beneficiaries.

Primary PartnerCare ACO, the first ACO to join Healthix, has been collaborating with the HIE since early 2016 to deliver clinical alerts for patient care coordination. For these patients, Healthix sends real-time alerts to Primary PartnerCare ACO when patients visit the emergency room, are admitted to or discharged from the hospital or a skilled nursing facility (for rehabilitation). Healthix alerts are displayed on the Primary PartnerCare ACO Physician Portal for the patient’s primary care physician, and are used by the Primary PartnerCare ACO care management team of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and patient advocates, to coordinate care with patients and their primary care physicians.

Primary PartnerCare News, March 13, 2019