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Intelli-Blog is dedicated to the issues affecting private practice physicians and their patients. The blog was named Intelli-Blog to reflect the importance of “intelligence” or accurately, pieced together information in today’s complex and rapidly evolving healthcare environment. As hardworking physicians focused on patient care, we do not have time to research each intricate detail of the myriad of changes occurring under healthcare reform. Physicians in one part of the country truly do not know what is happening in another part of the country. When we speak to our patients, most of their knowledge is limited to the “less than balanced” versions presented in the media. Intelli-Blog is a place for all of us to examine the issues, ask questions and gather intelligence from physicians and patients across the nation. We welcome you to join us.

Payment Adjustments & Hardship Information – First Time EHR Users

Jul 12, 2017

  In the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), Congress mandated that payment adjustments should be applied to Medicare eligible professionals that are not meaningful users of Certified Electronic Health Record (EHR) Technology [...]

CMS and America’s Health Insurance Plans Adopt Same Quality Standards

Newsroom-5 Feb 17, 2016

The Obama administration and health insurers took a step Tuesday toward standardizing and improving the measures that are intended to gauge the quality of healthcare but are widely criticized as too burdensome for providers and [...]

Family Docs that Do More Save More Health Dollars

news-thumb Jun 29, 2015

Is a good family doctor one who treats your knee pain and manages your recovery from heart surgery? Or is it one who refers you to an orthopedist and a cardiologist? Those are questions at the [...]

7 Years In, Triple Aim Transcends Jargon

Jun 28, 2015

The Triple Aim, an approach to health delivery that targets quality, cost and population health, could have been just another piece of healthcare jargon. Instead, hospitals and health systems large and small have adopted it [...]

HHS Historic Announcement: Timelines to Shift Medicare Payment from Volume to Value Starting 2016

news-thumb Mar 15, 2015

In a meeting with nearly two dozen leaders representing consumers, insurers, providers, and business leaders, Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia M. Burwell today announced measurable goals and a timeline to move the Medicare program, [...]