Primary Partner Care

Why Primary PartnerCare®

Patient Partnership

Studies show that patients cared for by primary care physicians have less illness and improved health. Primary PartnerCare® believes in the healing power of the patient-doctor relationship, and we have developed programs and systems to support these partnerships.

More Than Treating Illness

Most physician groups and healthcare delivery systems solely treat illness. The patient has a set of symptoms or a chronic disease, and is treated. The doctors of Primary PartnerCare® believe that good health entails more than the control or absence of disease.

Plan for Health

As the doctors of Primary PartnerCare®, we will provide a full spectrum and continuum of healthcare services that begins with a personalized plan that is developed between you (the patient) and your primary care doctor. This plan will vary greatly for each patient based on age, sex, family history, your medical history, your individual concerns, and your doctor’s recommendations. This plan serves as a roadmap to ensure that you are receiving the recommended screening tests to help prevent future illness, and the proactive care you need to fight disease. It becomes a “pact” between you and your doctor to work together as partners to optimize your health for maximal quality of life and wellness.

Unique Differentiation

The differentiation of our health system is directly related to the unique partnering of our doctors with our patients.

Why Primary PartnerCare®