Nov 28, 2012

Primary PartnerCare™ launches its Physician of the Month award by honoring the many primary care doctors whose extraordinary steps assured their patients received the care they needed during the devastating days of Hurricane Sandy. Many worked in offices without lights or heat, made house calls, tracked down patients, rerouted prescriptions, rescheduled tests and procedures, slept in offices, and gave personal phone numbers to patients to maintain a sense of medical safety and security. Your work did not end when power was restored and gas rationing ceased. Each and everyday, primary care doctors continue to listen to heart wrenching stories of injuries, damages, lost homes, insurance battles, financial duress, broken families and communities, vanished family heirlooms and treasures, feelings of disempowerment, and the resultant ailments that occur. Primary PartnerCare™ knows this cannot be easy– it’s a heavy load for a compassionate physician to bear. Thank you for listening and helping.  Above all, thank you for caring.