Strengthening patient doctor bonds

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Advancing Open Dialog and Decisions

Restoring the Joy of private practice

You and your Doctor partnering for a healthier you

Primary PartnerCare is a physician-driven organization founded on the belief that private
practice primary care doctors in partnership with their patients produce optimal health.

Our doctors specialize in adult medicine and provide personalized and coordinated care so you can live your best life.
Our performance in the Medicare Shared Savings Program, proves our doctor-patient partnerships work.




Quality Score, all 482 ACOs in the United States & all New York
State ACOs, last 3 years

MSSP ACO Results

Patient Partnerships

Studies show that patients cared for by primary care physicians have less illness and improved health. Primary PartnerCare believes in the healing power of the patient-doctor relationship, and we have developed programs and systems to support these partnerships. We partner with you and listen to your unique medical concerns, symptoms, values and goals. We know that “whole person” care is essential for true health and healing.

  • Personalized care plans developed by you and your doctor that address your unique medical history, risk factors, your concerns and your doctor’s recommendations.
  • Full spectrum healthcare services to make our primary care centers your true medical home.
  • Coordinated care with a primary care doctor that communicates with your specialists and ensures you receive the right tests and treatments.
  • A care team of nurses and patient advocates to help you achieve your goals and navigate the healthcare system.
  • A specially trained clinical team that works with you and your family if you are hospitalized, all under the direction of your doctor.
  • A “pact” between you and your doctor to work together as partners to optimize your health for maximal quality of life and well being.

“The good physician treats the disease; the great
physician treats the patient who has the disease.”

Sir William Osler
Father of Modern Medicine 1849-1919

Our patient-doctor partnerships result in
improved healthcare for our senior patients.


Out of Control Diabetes: 6.1%
Compared to 10.7% for all
patients Medicare measured


Screened for Falls Risk: 97.6%
Compared to 87.8% for all
patients Medicare measured


Control of Hypertension
(High Blood Pressure): 93.9%
Compared to 76.2% for all
patients Medicare measured


Screened for Colorectal Cancer: 94%
Compared to 75.3% for all
patients Medicare measured

A Personalized Plan for Optimal Health
developed by you and your Doctor

Everyone needs a roadmap and a plan. You wouldn’t start driving to an unknown destination without a map or your GPS, and your health is far more important. The doctors of Primary PartnerCare will create this plan with you, to include:

  • Your medical history and family history
  • Your chronic conditions and the treatment plan for each one, answering any questions that you may have
  • An annual Health Risk Assessment (HRA) to better understand what may impact your quality of life and how to address it
  • Comprehensive discussion of medications: prescribed, over-the-counter, and any vitamins and supplements
  • Your care team—who is taking care of you and are they all communicating to ensure your best outcomes
  • Other concerns that impact health and quality of life, such as cognition, pain, feeling blue, anger, stress or fatigue
  • End of life discussion, regardless of your age, so if something happens your wishes, beliefs and values are known
  • Development of an Annual Care Plan
  • Schedule for preventive care and screening
  • Treatment plans for known chronic conditions
  • Diagnostic testing and labs for known conditions and “at risk” conditions
  • Plan for specialty care with referrals to specialists your doctor trusts
  • Medication list
  • Health goals and scheduled “check-in” frequency with your doctor and/or their clinical care team in-between office visits

Primary PartnerCare Physicians, PLLC,
the region’s largest primary care medical group


Locations throughout
Long Island & Queens


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Why patients choose Primary PartnerCare

See what our patients are saying about us


Dr Harry Jacob, New Hyde Park, NY


“Dr Harry is just simply the best. He listens to you. I mean really listens. He cares about your well being. I am very blessed to have him as my doctor for over 25 years. I told him “Don’t retire!!” God Bless Dr Harry Jacob. ❤”


Dr Donato Balsamo, Amityville, NY


“Only the best. Treats us like his own parents.. very proactive.. love him.”


Dr Aretha Persaud, Melville, NY


“Dr. Persaud-Mancusi is wonderful! She is very thorough and makes you feel confident you are getting the best care.”


Dr Ryan Cahill, North Babylon, NY


“One of the few Doctors who takes his time with the patients. Personable Doctor who puts you at ease at visit. Overall very good Dr. and staff follows suit.”

Who We Are Launched in 2014, Primary PartnerCare is a physician-driven organization founded on the belief that independent primary care doctors in partnership with their patients produce optimal health. The voice of the frontline physician and the relationship with their patients is at the foundation of all we do, making our solutions intuitive and effective. Don’t just take our word for it – look at the facts. Year after year, our Medicare Shared Savings Program ACO achieves Shared Savings, ranking us in the top 10% of over 482 ACOs nationwide. Other distinctions include achieving a perfect score of 100% and later achieving the top quality score in the country! Our model allows physicians to maintain their traditional autonomy and restores the joy of medicine to their practice.
Our Mission The mission of Primary PartnerCare is to optimize patients’ health through doctor-patient partnerships. We achieve our mission through an innovative primary care model that combines the best aspects of traditional independent practice, modern medical innovation, advances in technology, and a culture that rewards compassion, continuous improvement, and accountability, at all times placing the patients’ wellbeing above all else.

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