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We all want to live our “best lives” as we define that to be. That starts with knowledge so we can make our very best choices. The Primary PartnerCare Patient Blog aims to be as source of information to keep our patients, families and friends abreast of interesting topics in healthcare. Of course, we encourage you to discuss any questions with your doctor – communication is vital to health and healing.

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As physicians, our primary focus is the care of our patients. We often do not have time to research the intricate details of the myriad of changes and consolidation sweeping our industry. The Primary PartnerCare Physician Blog pulls important news for physicians into one easy to access forum.

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In The News

In The News

Year over year, Primary PartnerCare receives accolades for our quality, costs-savings and patient engagement. We love sharing our stories about improving patient care and restoring the joy of primary care medicine.

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“What patients want is that deep relationship with a
healer; this is the foundation upon which we need to
build healthcare.”

Paul Grundy, MD