In this era of healthcare reform and rapid change, physicians need the facts. We will start by providing straight answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Question Why Join Primary PartnerCare?

We are the only adult medicine, primary care medical group and ACO in our region. We understand the foundational value of primary care in the new value-based payment models and have proven success in the Medicare Shared Savings Program ACO, achieving the top positions in quality and cost savings year over year.

As a primary care organization, we are uniquely focused on long term partnerships with our patients. We are not conflicted with pressure to refer to certain specialists, facilities or ancillary providers like our competition. We speak with a unified voice focused solely on what is best for our patients.

By picking Primary PartnerCare, you can joyfully practice as a physician while enjoying the benefits of a larger organization that advocates for you, supports you and handles the growing administrative burden of practicing medicine.

Question What is the mission of Primary PartnerCare?

The mission of Primary PartnerCare is to preserve and enhance the private practice of medicine through an independent primary care driven model that empowers physician-patient partnerships. As the healthcare system continues to transform, we believe that primary care should lead – not follow. We are dedicated to the wellbeing of our patients through caring and collaborative patient partnerships and embrace the shift to value-based delivery models.

Question How is Primary PartnerCare structured?

Primary PartnerCare ACO Independent Practice Association, Inc was selected by CMS to participate in the Medicare Shared Savings Program, and is a Medicare ACO certified by NYS. Primary PartnerCare Physicians, PLLC contracts with health plans through a relationship with Mount Sinai Health Partners as well as direct payor contracting. We also have a management services organization (MSO), Primary PartnerCare Management Group, Inc. which provides proprietary technology and management services to MSSP ACO. Effective Q4 2020 we launched an integrated medical group and a practice management MSO jointly owned with the medical group.

Question What is value-based care and why is everyone competing for primary care doctors?

Value-based care varies from payor to payor, but the common thread is paying providers for outcomes such as: provision of preventive care, patient population chronic condition management, and ultimately the reduction of cost of care to patients and their insurance provider. Research has shown that primary care groups are uniquely positioned to best manage the overall care of the patients and reap the rewards under value-based payment models.

Question What differentiates Primary PartnerCare from hospital owned medical groups or large multispecialty groups?

Primary PartnerCare is led by likeminded primary care physicians, dedicated to the health and wellbeing of their patients. We speak the same language and have the same goals of providing the best care for our patients, without conflict or consideration of who employs the specialists, owns the ambulatory surgery center or manages the hospital. Our decision is simple – where will our patients receive the very best care.