You and Your Doctor Partnering for a Healthier You


About Primary PartnerCare is not just a name, it is a credo. It’s about the healing power of the doctor-patient relationship and creating a model that is proactive instead of reactive to its patients’ and its physicians’ needs and concerns. Primary PartnerCare has strategically positioned itself to be a leader in its concern for the complete wellness of each individual patient. Our name was carefully crafted to include a symbolic patient icon with a protective halo of health and healing, supporting the whole-person with their unique values, concerns and goals.

“You treat a disease, you win, you lose. You treat a person, I guarantee you, you’ll win no matter what the outcome”

Patch Adams, MD 1998

History Primary PartnerCare was formed by Marion Davis, Harry Jacob, MD and a small group of independent primary care leaders in response to the revolutionary changes brought about by the Affordable Care Act. Primary PartnerCare physician companies are supported by a best in class managed services organization (MSO) that improves efficiencies through shared services, and a Regional MSO that provides staffing, management and training.

Over the ten+ years that followed, Primary PartnerCare achieved unmatched success in the Medicare Shared Savings Program, benefiting patients through improved preventive care and avoidable emergency room visits, hospitalizations and rehabilitation stays that far too often lead to loss of independence and quality of life. In 2015, Quest Diagnostics selected Primary PartnerCare ACO as a partner to co-develop and test value-based programs to support the important work of the Medicare Shared Savings Program. In 2016, Primary PartnerCare chose to join Mount Sinai Health Partners IPA, and continued its work on improving the quality of care provided to its patients.

When COVID hit in 2020, causing many other doctors to retire early or sellout to hospitals, Primary PartnerCare’s MSO sourced funding, loans, grants, PPE and supported our doctors every step of the way. In the midst of this national pandemic, our strong and devoted physicians merged their practices and formed Primary PartnerCare Physicians, PLLC, Long Island’s largest adult medicine primary care group.

Primary PartnerCare History