Plan your visit

Resources Please see forms and educational materials to help you make the most of your doctor’s appointment.


Improved Communication

Your health is not limited to the time you spend with your doctor during your visits. As your doctor, we want to help you during all the time you are not in our office and have developed different ways to be part of your health journey in-between office visits.


Questions for your Doctor

Open communication and dialogue with your doctor improves health and medical outcomes. None of us would go to an important meeting without preparing, and your doctor visit should be no different. Please use these forms to help you prepare for your doctor visit and get all your important questions answered.


Annual Wellness Visit

Medicare established the Annual Wellness Visit benefit as a unique, dedicated visit for you and your doctor to review the past year and make a roadmap for the coming year to ensure your very best quality of life as you define it.


Patient Registration & Medical Records

Accurate patient information is important for ongoing treatment, and of course establishing a new relationship with a doctor and have included these forms so you can prepare in advance of your visit.


Patient Financial/Insurance

Healthcare finance and insurance can be overly complicated and burdensome for not only patients but also for physicians. To help, we make our practice policies available, including a process to help our patients who may face unforeseen circumstances, continue their healthcare.


Patient Medical History & Monitoring

Whether you track your family history, your own medical history or ongoing vital signs in-between doctor visits, it’s all critically important to share with your doctor. As your partner in health, we want to know all we can about the whole you.


Advanced Care Planning

Advanced Care Planning choices are part of living and very personal and individualized decisions for patients based on their own values, beliefs and goals. No matter how old you are, it is never too early to think about what matters to you and to inform your doctor.